Sea Moss + Honey Pot Tea Duo

Sea Moss + Honey Pot Tea Duo

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Could there even be a better Women’s Health Duo than Sea Moss and Red Raspberry Tea Blends?

 The Answer is No! This duo is sure to correct any imbalances in the Uterus, Yoni, and Honey Pot area! 

The two together or known to:

-relieve uterine cramps, aches and pains

-Increase vaginal wetness/ lubrication

-Increase ability to achieve orgasms.

-Increase libido/sex drive.

-Lighten menstrual flow.

-Relieve menopause symptoms

-Great Source of Potassium

-Increase productivity and mind clarity

- Lower Blood Pressure and Stabilize Blood Sugar


The  major building blocks of our bodies are comprised of 102 minerals. We need to replenish these minerals daily to keep our bodies in optimal health and to feel good overall. Well, Sea Moss contains 92 of those minerals! Yes 90% of the minerals you need in a day is comprised in one tablespoon of sea moss! While the Red Raspberry Tea Blends provide essential nutrients that target the overall health of the female command center! 

Each one should be consumed daily in whatever creative capacity you desire. 

Set Includes (small jars):

8oz Jar of Rich Honey Pot Tea

8oz Jar of wildcrafted Sea Moss






*Individual Results may vary according to dosage and method of administration.*